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We're continuing our series on applications for your Android phone that are available to download, free of charge from the Google Play Store, the App Store, today we're going to talk about an internet radio application called IHeart Radio, now this is a fantastic free application, that can give you the ability to listen to radio from people, from stations, all across the country free of charge.

Now you can choose if you want to log in with Facebook or with your email, if you want to set up an account, but you do not have to do that, I've had this application for a year now, and I've never actually logged in, again one thing I will point out is I have found that the majority if not all of these stations are what's called Clear Channel Radio stations, that's a major conglomerate of radio stations across the country, and it appears that the IHeart Radio is really only for those particular stations, but there's a lot of options, in fact, this is a some in this application, the only way that you can actually access internet radio for some of these Clear Channel stations on your phone without necessarily going online to the computer or something like that.

For example, this one here 620 W Dae is here in Tampa Bay, and I can't get it on any of other internet radio applications, but I can get an IHeart Radio, so it's going to track for you the stations that you normally listen to, if you just click on this station right here, it will immediately start to play and there's no buffering or anything like that, with some other internet radio stations, I'm not going to click on it for the purposes of this particular post, because I don't want to violate any kind of copyright laws by actually listening to the stations, but just you get the idea, if you click on, it will start playing for you, in addition you can change your location, you can find different cities that you want to listen to, you can search by a zip code or the city itself, it also gives you lots of groups of stations that are already prefilled for you, so let's say you like classical music, it's going to recommend some classical music stations for you, you can actually create any kind of a playlist or song list from things that you actually saved, and you can also create the stations that you normally listen to the most.

You have to log in to be able to use those particular features, but I have found actually that the majority of features that I would use are still available without evening logging in, so you if you're in the mood for reggae or something like that he even has a station for that, if you like Clear Channel Radio stations, and there's some in your area or some other location of the country that you would listen to in America, you can download this IHeart Radio application free of charge, and get access to those, hopefully, this information is helpful.

Can I Listen to iHeart Radio on CarPlay

Can I Listen to iHeart Radio on CarPlay

Can I listen to iHeart radio on CarPlay and CarPlay puts parts of your iPhone right on your You Connect touchscreen, send text, and make phone calls without reaching for your iPhone, listen to podcasts audiobooks and Apple music, and get where you want to go with Apple maps.