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We're going to go over one of the top free apps called IHeart Radio, I have it installed for us already, let's open it up and jump right in IHeart Radio by Clear Channel, broadcasting is available free to download in the App Store, if you travel a lot or maybe you've moved and you miss a radio station that you used to jam out to local, this app may be just what you need.

For example, if you used to listen to KISS FM in Atlanta and now you live in Connecticut, you can easily stream KISS FM from Atlanta right on your phone, it even has a really cool sleep timer, so if you want to fall asleep listening to the radio or even take a nap, you can do that and it will actually turn off on its own, iTunes describes the app saying IHeart Radio is a free all-in-one digital radio service, that allows you to find more than 1500 live radio stations or create a commercial free all music custom station featuring songs from the artist that you select and similar music with that in mind. Let's jump into the features, I'll walk us through some hands-on features here within IHeart Radio.

You can see here from the main screen, there's always a couple of things that are featured here right now z100 New York's, hit music station as well as Master Chief Radio Music to play Halo four and an Aerosmith channel for the radio, you can also see the recently played right from your list, and that's a great way to access things that you normally listen to, you can go to live stations, and here you can choose local cities, you can choose it by talk radio or music entertainment, and then genre or you can go to create, and you can simply type in an artist name or a song and create a commercial-free radio station of your own, then you can go to my stations if you have anything saved, I have a custom music saved right there, I can listen to it right from that list.

We'll go back to the beginning and you can go right here into settings, and they even have a sleep timer which I'll show you, you can simply hit sleep timer and you can choose anywhere from three hours down to 15 minutes, so for example, if I want to set the thirty minutes, it'll actually turn off in 30 minutes, and I'll just hit back and do, and just to show you how it works. For example, let's choose this feature z100 in New York, we just simply tap there and we're listening to the radio, right now we're listening to titanium David Guetta, and we can just simply hit like it, and they'll let the DJs know now if we list like this station, and we want to listen to it all the time, we can just simply hit the heart right there, and we don't want to publish it to our Facebook Timeline, so we'll just say no thanks, and we'll hit back, and of course if you want to search holiday music, we can choose Christmas 949 and buffers Christmas music, so that covers the features.

Let's jump into the wrap-up, I'm going to give IHeart Radio a nine out of ten stars, the app is super easy to use and very useful, I used to listen to Kiss FM from Chicago all the time, then I moved, and I could only stream it off the computer, this awesome app came out and now I can change that and listen to it all the time, move out of the way, Pandora local music is here to stay, the only thing that I didn't like about this app is how they really pressure you to register an account, and then aside from that they also try to get you to connect it to your Facebook all the time, other than that I think it's awesome.

Can I Listen to iHeart Radio on CarPlay

Can I Listen to iHeart Radio on CarPlay

Can I listen to iHeart radio on CarPlay and CarPlay puts parts of your iPhone right on your You Connect touchscreen, send text, and make phone calls without reaching for your iPhone, listen to podcasts audiobooks and Apple music, and get where you want to go with Apple maps.